Creating Your Ketubah – Getting Started

A ketubah is a personal marriage contract, and therefore it is important that I understand a little bit about you. When you contact me and we begin the process of creating your ketubah, I ask that you tell me a bit about yourselves – believe it or not, that helps because I have you in mind while I am painting.

Give me examples of imagery and artistic styles that appeal to you. My artistry spans infinite styles and therefore I can create whatever you would like, as long as you tell me the kind of art to which you are drawn! Search for images of art online, list your favorite artists, describe your vision. The goal is for us to find both the style of art you like and for us to find the imagery that you would like.

Choose a Ketubah text that clearly echos the beliefs and values upon which your marrige will stand. Do not forget, that your ketubah is not only a beautiful piece of artwork, but it is also your Jewish marriage license, and it must represent a code by which you plan to abide. After contacting me I can send you several text options or I can help you find another example that appeals to you.

Each ketubah creation is a unique work of art, thus there is a range of prices from $800-$1300. This cost includes matting and framing of the artwork. Pricing is mostly dependent upon the complexity of the design of the imagery.

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